Economical and creative solutions for home projects, working together to empower and encourage the homeowner.

The Chicks Can Fix(TM) business provides basic home maintenance assistance alongside the homeowner. The current economic situation is keeping people in their homes with less disposable money. Basic home maintenance and small improvement projects can be more important than the big renovations.

You can reach us at 571-437-2286 or through email at: ChicksCanFix@live.com
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Chicks Can Fix was born in the late spring and summer of 2008 while I performed renovations on my own home. I remodeled a half bath, removed the fixtures, installed wainscoting and replaced the fixtures. I redecorated the first floor, removed wall paper, replaced drywall tape spanning 80% of the ceiling in a 20'x30’ room, replaced all light fixtures, performed other drywall repair, and repainted the walls and ceiling. I also fixed a leaking kitchen faucet and replaced the sink rings which required the removal and reinstallation of the disposal.

Many of these projects I might not have endeavored without the encouragement of a friend. Many times I found myself at the local hardware store befuddled. But with encouragement and wisdom of my friend, study online and testing out different approaches, I found good, solid solutions to the projects. While in the hardware store, talking with friends, or showing neighbors what I was doing, I would be asked who I was getting to do the work and when I explained I would be doing it myself, it was received with shock – but just because I’m a woman, doesn’t mean I can’t do these things! I just needed a little encouragement and to know that if something came up, someone was there to help.

Chicks Can Fix is that encouraging friend:
~ A little more know-how
~ A little more courage
~ A few more tools
~ A lot of encouragement